Line and Antenna Sweep Testing, in the wireless telecommunication industry, was once the main type of testing relied
upon for performance certification of a new or recently modified RF system being placed into service on an existing
network.  This equipment is designed to measures the impedances and Phase matching of the components in a system that
is about to be integrated into the network.
     While this type of testing has not been replaced by any other type, the introduction of new technology, such as
wireless high speed data transfer has brought about the need for a greater level of system performance. In order to achieve
the desired performance, a more sensitive type of testing equipment and procedures needed to be added to the existing type
of testing that we do. The additional testing process allows the carrier to offer optimal system performance to those who
subscribe to their service.  We have invested in the new type of test equipment and have become very proficient with this
type of testing.  The intended result of this testing is to create greater performance of the Cell phone network that we have
all come to rely on so heavily.

Typical Sweep Test
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